Risk Advisory

Risk advisory from afridiligence centers on providing our clients with an understanding of various general and specific risks in African countries where they maintain interests.

In African countries, risk presents itself in various forms, all of which may bear significant impact on an entity or individual’s operations and interests. Planning with such risks in mind keeps a business less susceptible to negative circumstances that may affect its operations.

Decipher risk by uncovering the unknown

Our clients typically call on us to profile general risks they may be otherwise unaware of or to comprehensively assess specific risks they have identified.Some risk advisory service examples are listed as follows:

  • Political Risk Assessment – Evaluation of how political events, decisions or conditions can affect interests in a particular economic sector or geographical region of a country. Scenarios may range from assessing effects of the potential outcome of an election, regime change implications (such as new players and power brokers emerging on the scene), potential strike action resulting from government decisions, assessment of militant activity in reaction to political events or economic situations etc.
  • Security Threat Advisory – Security threat advisory and reporting on a one-time or periodic basis on general or specific events. Examples include security risk and threat reporting on a country, within a specific city or geographical region where a client’s interests are located, mapping and documenting safe zones within a city or region, drafting or advising on travel security and emergency protocols outside these safe zones for employees as part of organizational duty of care requirements; emergency alerts and notification services for emerging situations such as riots, terrorist attacks, natural disasters etc. within a specific jurisdiction.
  • Opinion Analysis and Scenario Mapping – In the business of risk, planning for “When X happens” scenarios alone is insufficient. It is equally important to forecast and plan for the “What If?”, “Unlikely” as well as the seemingly “Impossible”. Opinion analysis sources opinions from relevant contacts about implications or the fallout of certain events should they occur. Combined with scenario mapping, a clear picture emerges of what can be expected in the unlikeliest of situations allowing for contingency planning and effective risk mitigation even if what was considered impossible eventually happens.
  • Online Threat Monitoring – In the technology-driven age we live in, threats are not only restricted to the physical space. Risks now manifest in the online realm driven by various factors and agendas. Online risks are diverse and monitoring can uncover information on activity such as brand infringement or misuse, untrue claims and negative attacks, criminal collusion with intent to defraud, website spoofing, targeted or planned activity such as brand boycotts, protests or coordinated attacks on physical facilities’ etc. Asides from monitoring we equally provide remedial solutions to counter these threats under our risk advisory umbrella.

Risk advisory services do not just focus on covering geopolitical risk within a jurisdiction but also other risk scenarios that are based on the operating environment, sector or are influenced by global challenges such as cyber risk.

To deliver this service, a mix of client requirement statements as well as our own analysis of the risk profile of such clients may be required. This is to ensure that whatever risk advisory solution we offer is the most comprehensive in addressing client concerns.