African countries dominate Transparency International’s corruption rankings

African countries dominate Transparency International’s corruption rankings January 24, 2020Leave a comment

Anti-corruption think tank Transparency International has just released its 25th annual Corruption Perceptions Index, identifying the least and most corrupt jurisdictions across the world for the previous year 2019.

Results from the report show Sub-Saharan Africa with the lowest average score across various regions with 32/100 compared to regions such as Western Europe (66/100), Middle East and North Africa (39/100), Asia Pacific (45/100) as well as Eastern Europe/Central Asia (35/100). African countries also dominate the subset of the top 45 most corrupt countries worldwide.

The most corrupt country in Africa and the world for 2019 according to the released report is Somalia (180) followed by South Sudan (179). It is worth noting that these are countries that have in recent times been plagued by unrest and political uncertainty. Both countries are equally followed in the rankings by war-ravaged Syria (178) and Yemen (177).

The next African countries in the top 45 are Sudan (173), Democratic Republic of Congo (168), Burundi (165), Congo (165), Chad (162), Eritrea (160), Zimbabwe (158), Cameroon (153), Central African Republic (153) and Comoros (153).

Resource-rich Mozambique (146) is tied with African oil majors Angola (146) and Nigeria (146). Angola in recent times has been the centre of attention owing to corruption accusations levelled against members of the dos Santos-era including Isabel dos Santos, the former President’s daughter.

Kenya (137) and Uganda (137) tie with Liberia (137) and Mauritania (137) on the other side of the continent to make up the last African jurisdictions in the top 45.

A mental comparison of the Transparency International list with available data regarding the volume of investment making its way into Africa in recent times offers some significant correlation between areas of investment interest and the most corrupt countries in Africa.

We see this as an opportunity to advise potential and current clients that while they rush to explore the many opportunities that abound in Africa they should equally seek out a thorough understanding of the corruption-related risks that are rife in certain jurisdictions to avoid complications later on when least expected.

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